The Harvest/MacDonald Files


Jan 28The Descent: James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel and the Blurry Road to a Prosperity Gospel

Feb 01 2012How Steep the Decline: James MacDonald, Bryan Loritts and Sycophantic Uncle Toms

Feb 10James MacDonald, The Elephant Room and the Spinning of the Truth

Mar 01Harvest Bible Fellowship Takes Second Hit as Another Church Leaves

Mar 07A Third Church Leaves the Harvest Bible Fellowship Due to Concerns over The Elephant Room 2

Mar 21The New Elephant in the Room: Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald and Authoritarian Rule – Part 1

Mar 22The New Elephants in the Room: Does Pastor James MacDonald Possess Too Much Power? – Part 2

May 09 2012Fourth Church “Departs” Harvest Bible Fellowship Under Curious Circumstances

May 15Fourth Church “Kicked Out” of Fellowship Via MacDonald’s Now Infamous Catapult

Jun 02Harvest Bible Chapel: These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

Jun 27Harvest Bible Chapel: Is Dissent Always the Same as Rebellion?

Jul 16Harvest Bible Chapel: Where Have All the Elders (and Leaders) Gone?

Jul 30Harvest Bible Chapel: Establishing the Authority of “King James”

Aug 07 2012Former Pastor (Rod Van Solkema) at Harvest Bible Chapel Speaks Out

Sep 07James MacDonald’s Vision of a Vertical Church and Selfish Shepherds

Oct 02Ex-Harvest Bible Chapel: Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For

Oct 07Harvest Bible Chapel … The Debt … The Salary … The Power … The 5G Campaign … The Hope


May 03“My Resignation” – The Unofficial First Draft (otherwise known as “The Satire”)

Jun 06Harvest Christian Academy Employee Released Over a Simple Question

Jun 19 2013MacDonald Shifts the Blame for the Financial Crisis onto the Former HBC Elders

Jun 21Harvest Christian Academy (HCA) Loses Another McCaulley

Jun 21 2013Harvest Christian Academy Looses a Third Employee (Mary Martin)

Jun 22Three Wild Boars are Loose in the Vineyard … Or Three Elders Just Resigned.

Jun 23 2013Resignations, Fabrications or Gross-Mishandling-of-the-Truth

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