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How to Kill the D.N.C. with One, Simple Shot to the Heart: A Dialogue Between Jim Jordan, Amy Dacey, and Moses Maimonides.

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Donald Trump: The Good Christian Candidate

This morning as I sipped my coffee, continuously reminding my son to keep eating his breakfast so as to not be late for school, I saw a clip on CNN of Donald Trump. He was giving a speech in Iowa … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Christian Identity: What does it Mean to be a “Resident Alien?” – Part 4

“The fundamental issue when it comes to Christian ethics is not whether we shall be conservative or liberal, left or right, but whether we shall be faithful to the church’s peculiar vision of what it means to live and act … Continue reading

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Contextual Theology: The Didache and the Fight for Life

Last Wednesday, Ryan Mahoney introduced the readers of this blog to a new series we are running, entitled Contextual Theology. In short, this series is driven by our desire to see Evangelicals re-root themselves in the Great Tradition of the … Continue reading

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The Scandal of Evangelical Politics: Missional Politics

We have been discussing the need for evangelicals to develop an evangelical, political philosophy in this series of posts.  Previously, we discussed the problem of present evangelical engagement with the political culture and the need for a coherent vision for … Continue reading

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Understanding Worldviews: Or Why You are More than Just a “Liberal” or a “Conservative”

As a teacher charged with the task of helping students learn how to construct and deconstruct arguments, I often begin the year by asking my students to articulate their own personal worldview.  Why is there something rather than nothing?  How … Continue reading

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The Scandal of Evangelical Politics: Why We Fight

Given the recent discussion of politics on this blog, by all of its authors, and the upcoming Presidential election, I thought it would be fruitful to have a discussion about the how and why of evangelical political activism.  I chose … Continue reading

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