Scott William Bryant

Self Portrait Scott William Bryant received his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Wheaton College.  In addition to his undergraduate work, Scott has completed two masters degrees – the first an MA in Christian Thought at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; and the second an MA in Historical and Systematic Theology at Wheaton College.

Scott began his professional career as a caseworker, working with abused and neglected children.  In 1998, he left the field of social work for a brief (but incredibly formative) six-month stint as a missionary in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.  Upon his return to the States, Scott went to work on behalf of the poor in the Developing World as a high-end fundraiser.   Following a four-year stint as a professional screenwriter, Scott served as the Executive Director of Tri-County Pregnancy and Parenting Services.  Most recently, Scott taught American history, rhetoric and biblical theology at a small, classical school in Barrington, IL.

2 Responses to Scott William Bryant

  1. Jon says:

    Really like your articles on Timothy… inspired me to do a lesson on his background with respect to the account of Paul & Barnabas in Acts 13-14. I did notice one small detail in my study though… the “Antioch” that the Jews came from was Antioch of Pisidia (Ac. 13:14), hence Jews coming from “Antioch & Iconium” (Ac. 14:19) which were kinda neighboring towns. Still a valid point though – these guys had it in for Paul regardless where he went or what he did. Thanks for your research & thoughts!

  2. jvhalteren says:

    Hi Scott
    After 4 years at a Harvest church, it is time to leave. Cliches that mean nothing and lack of love for the brethern. Try to get answers and they ignore you

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