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Why Ted Cruz Helps Us Understand Jesus Doesn’t Hate Jews

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The Shema: A Call to Love God with Your Mind

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A Prayer for the Stranger (On Fear, Love and the Island of Lesbos)

This morning, as we come before the cross – as we come to once again consider the bread and the wine, the body, the blood – we come with the awareness that a chaotic, surging wave of people is breaking … Continue reading

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How to Kill the D.N.C. with One, Simple Shot to the Heart: A Dialogue Between Jim Jordan, Amy Dacey, and Moses Maimonides.

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Donald Trump: The Good Christian Candidate

This morning as I sipped my coffee, continuously reminding my son to keep eating his breakfast so as to not be late for school, I saw a clip on CNN of Donald Trump. He was giving a speech in Iowa … Continue reading

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On Black and White Economic Discrepancies

As we all continue to try to make sense of the racially polarized conversation that is developing in our culture, I am finding my reading of Emerson and Smith’s Divided By Faith to be helpful.  In particular, I found the excerpt … Continue reading

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On Black and White Marriage

In light of the recent events in Ferguson Missouri and in light of the death of Eric Garner, I have decided to re-visit an insightful book I discovered nearly a decade ago.  In the passage cited below, Emerson and Smith … Continue reading

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