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A Plea to the Church in America

Through all the noise, confusion, opinions and fear, hear the voice of your Rabbi teaching you what it means to follow Torah.    

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Contextual Theology: The Didache and the Fight for Life

Last Wednesday, Ryan Mahoney introduced the readers of this blog to a new series we are running, entitled Contextual Theology. In short, this series is driven by our desire to see Evangelicals re-root themselves in the Great Tradition of the … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Language: Or Why I Wish Republicans Would Stop Talking About “God”

Over these past few days, much ink has been spilled on the subject of the Democratic party’s eleventh hour decision to include the word “god” in their official platform. But in case you haven’t been paying attention, let me bring … Continue reading

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Standing with “Pussy Riot” in Defiance of the Church

Today, I stand in solidarity with the Russian, feminist, punk-rock, art collective known as “Pussy Riot.”   And as I do so, I do it as one who professes faith in Jesus Christ and as one who stands in defiance … Continue reading

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Does My Free Chick-Fil-A T-shirt Say that I Hate Gay People or Love Religious Freedom?

Just a few short weeks ago, my wife and I took our three small children on an 18-hour car trip to Destin, Florida.  Amongst many other pit stops (both planned and unplanned), we happened to pull through a Chick-Fil-A in … Continue reading

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To Critique the “Bitches” or the One-Time Presidential Hopeful … That is the Question

Question. What would happen if all of the energy that conservative Christian watchdog groups brought to bear on certain mainstream television programs were to be focused, instead, on The 700 Club?  Take, for instance, the cultural hand-wringing that accompanied the … Continue reading

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A Third Church Leaves Harvest Bible Fellowship

The shadow cast off by the Elephant Room 2 is beginning to expand as Harvest Bible Chapel – New Lenox has just announced its decision to publicly become the third church to officially separate from the Harvest Bible Fellowship.  As … Continue reading

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