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A Plea to the Church in America

Through all the noise, confusion, opinions and fear, hear the voice of your Rabbi teaching you what it means to follow Torah.    

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Harvesting Organs on the Edge of Death

Over the past 15 months, news on the bioethics front has been heating up as the long-standing practice of the “dead donor rule” (DDR) has been increasingly challenged by prominent medical ethicists.  Up until recently, best practice in the medical … Continue reading

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Another Way of Seeing Foreign Aid

Hat Tip: Occupy Psychopath.

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Evangelicals Call for Justice

Christians on the political left often advocate for additional Federal spending as part of bringing God’s shalom to the world, and Christians on the right often, contrary to how scripture uses the term gospel and salvation, disconnect the gospel from any … Continue reading

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Scripture Prohibits a Woman’s Right to Vote and Civil Rights to Homosexuals?

  Earlier this year, Blood Stained Ink (BSI) asked, Are Women Second Class Citizens in America? This post briefly provided statistics regarding the number of women elected to the US Congress, as compared to women elected to legislatures around the … Continue reading

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Where were You when You just had Sex?

As the ever-expanding world of social media appears to be systematically eliminating anything close to what we might have once called “privacy,” it should probably come as no surprise that there is now a social site dedicated to announcing where … Continue reading

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