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Christian Culture: Balancing Grace with Truth in the Post-Eden World

In a past post entitled ‘Culture Wars, Homophobic Chickens and a Net Loss of Yards‘, I posited that the evangelical community missed an opportunity to effectively demonstrate the balance of love & grace with biblical truth (relative to the Chic fil … Continue reading

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“Chronicle” (2012): A One-Minute Film Review

Sometimes, for reasons we cannot fully explain, a film succeeds in ways that neither we, nor the studio, honestly expect.  If you want a great example of just this sort of phenomena, look no further that the recently released and … Continue reading

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Voices in the Static: Rising Out of Abuse

If you’ve been around this site for a while now, you now that I have recently started a series called “Voices in the Static.”  It’s a series that’s all about learning how to listen to voices that are often drowned … Continue reading

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