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Why Ted Cruz Helps Us Understand Jesus Doesn’t Hate Jews

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The Shema: A Call to Love God with Your Mind

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A Plea to the Church in America

Through all the noise, confusion, opinions and fear, hear the voice of your Rabbi teaching you what it means to follow Torah.    

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How to Kill the D.N.C. with One, Simple Shot to the Heart: A Dialogue Between Jim Jordan, Amy Dacey, and Moses Maimonides.

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Donald Trump: The Good Christian Candidate

This morning as I sipped my coffee, continuously reminding my son to keep eating his breakfast so as to not be late for school, I saw a clip on CNN of Donald Trump. He was giving a speech in Iowa … Continue reading

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Prayers for Lent

Blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to the riches of his mercy has preserved in his church at least this sacrament (of baptism), untouched and untrained by human ordinances, and . . .has … Continue reading

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Music for Lent (Day #15)

I found a new (for me) band called The Brilliance. Their EP is available at iTunes, and I have it in the rotation of music I have been listening to for Lent. It is haunting, lamenting and worshipful; it’s great … Continue reading

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