How to Kill the D.N.C. with One, Simple Shot to the Heart: A Dialogue Between Jim Jordan, Amy Dacey, and Moses Maimonides.


JORDAN: Amy, your party is contemptible. You knowingly divide the American people into tribes, you pick the tribes you think should be winners, and you get them addicted to your government, pork-barrel spending. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

DACEY: You only say that because you are a privileged, White, wealthy male. If you lived just one day in the shoes of a marginalized, poor, female minority you would have more compassion. We are the party of empathy. We care. We are doing something to correct, or at least attempt to correct, the wrongs of the past and present. We care enough to do something.

JORDAN: And, how convenient for you that your form of compassion dehumanizes people. It enslaves them to the government hand out. Have you ever seen what your massive bureaucracies does to these people you claim to care about? It’s tragic. We are the true party of compassion. We want individuals to have the freedom to fail or succeed on their own terms. We don’t want preferential treatment for certain groups and not others. We want them to have the opportunity my poor immigrant, farmer great, great, great, great, great grandparents had when they first came to America and got ahead by hard work.

DACEY: You mean profited from free labor of the black man after stealing the land from Native Americans!

JORDAN: OH! Here it is! America sucks, we never did anything right, yada, yada, yada.

DACEY: I’m sorry; did you just “yada – yada” genocide and racial slavery? Asshole.

JORDAN: Bitch!

MOSES: Amy, Jim, please; please, this is no way to speak to one another. Do you hear yourselves? Arguing over who is more compassionate and calling one another these names? This is not how civilizations are built and maintained. This is not how a people create shalom.

Can ask you some questions?


DACEY: Sure.

MOSES: Amy, have you ever sat in the home and shared a meal with these people about whom you are so passionate?


MOSES: I see.

DACEY: It’s not that I wouldn’t or anything; it’s just life in D.C. is very busy and hectic. Getting my members elected is my way of showing solidarity with, you know, “the lease of these.”

MOSES: Yes, of course. But, you rightly acknowledge the wrongs done to many people by this country and government, however, do you not know that it is at a person’s family table where we gain reconciliation and forgiveness? If you do not eat with a people, listen to their stories, and understand their needs then how is it you believe that you can help them?

JORDAN: Exactly my point! Government bureaucracy is not compassion it is dehumanizing!

MOSES: Ah, Jim; I have not forgotten you my friend. I have heard you say that you follow the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua, no?

JORDAN: What? Who?

MOSES: Ah, yes, I believe you call him Jesus.

JORDAN: Yeah, but he’ s not really a Rabbi to us; he’s God.

MOSES: I see. Well, you may say that he is more than a Rabbi, but you would agree he is no less?

JORDAN: I suppose.

MOSES: Excellent. Did he not say, “Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.”

JORDAN: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean spending $2.5 trillion dollars a year through the government!

MOSES: Maybe, maybe not. How much have you raised and spent getting elected?

JORDAN: Probably about $10 million over the ten years. We raise and spend about $1 million dollars each election cycle, but in larger districts or more urban districts the amount is much more. What does that have to do with anything?

MOSES: How much money is your party going to spend trying to “win back the White House?”

JORDAN: Ah, let’s see, I think our party spent about 1.5 billion the last time.

MOSES: And you lost?

JORDAN: Yeah, that kinda hurt. But, I don’t understand what this has to do with anything.

MOSES: Well, it seems to me, that you and Amy want the same basic thing. A fair and just society where the weak are not voiceless and the poor are cared for.

JORDAN: Yeah, I suppose, depending upon what you mean by that.

MOSES: Of course, but it seems your primary disagreement with Amy is how to go about that. So, rather that raise and spend billions of dollars to fight the DNC why not take care of the poor? Then you would not have to be elected to Congress; there would be no reason to show up and vote NO all the time.

JORDAN: Sure there would! Just because we all became philanthropic does not mean those looney tunes over there would stop taking everybody’s money and handing it out through their programs.

MOSES: Perhaps. But, so what? If you took care of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the refugee then it seems to me that the DNC could create all kinds of programs that dehumanized people, but no one would show up.

JORDAN: Well, I mean . . . well, we don’t spend $2.6 trillion a year on elections, so I don’t know if your pie-in-the-sky idea is gonna fly.

MOSES: Every member of the House, Senate, Presidential candidates, Governor’s race, State Senate, State House and dog catcher might not spend $2.6 trillion per year, but I would guess you could take away a great number of the DNC’s constituents. And, you would not have to raise or give any more money than you already are. Think of what you could do if you actually became generous.

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  1. Michael Muto says:

    But Jordan, Darcy and Moses you do know that you framed this debates based on stereotypes and not actual data? The vast majority of supposedly enslaving safety net programs go to support poor, disenfranchised rural white people and the vast majority of these people are only “enslaved and dehumanized” by these programs for less than a year. That doesn’t fit either of your narratives does it?

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