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On Black and White Economic Discrepancies

As we all continue to try to make sense of the racially polarized conversation that is developing in our culture, I am finding my reading of Emerson and Smith’s Divided By Faith to be helpful.  In particular, I found the excerpt … Continue reading

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On Black and White Marriage

In light of the recent events in Ferguson Missouri and in light of the death of Eric Garner, I have decided to re-visit an insightful book I discovered nearly a decade ago.  In the passage cited below, Emerson and Smith … Continue reading

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Books That Made a Notable Impression in 2014

By nature, top ten lists are as personal and as arbitrary as they are peculiar and contextual.  One individual’s “great read” is another person’s doorstop, and vice versa.  What’s more, why limit a list of great books to ten?  Why … Continue reading

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