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Music for Lent (Day #15)

I found a new (for me) band called The Brilliance. Their EP is available at iTunes, and I have it in the rotation of music I have been listening to for Lent. It is haunting, lamenting and worshipful; it’s great … Continue reading

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Music for Lent (Day #13)

Continuing the observance of the Lenten season’s focus upon penitence, I thought another song was in order. Given the state of the American church that smells more like the supple leather of a BMW (or pig dung) than the ashes … Continue reading

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Lenten Prayers

Whether it is Lent, or any other part of the Church calendar, Christians have used prepared prayers as an aid in prayer.   Today, and in the coming days, I will post a prayer that I, and hosts of other … Continue reading

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American Christians and a Community of Goods

“Tell me then, how is it that you are rich? From whom did you receive it, and from whom did he transmit it to you? From his father and his grandfather. But can you, ascending through many generations, show the … Continue reading

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And I Must Be an Acrobat: (Lent Day #3)

For nearly three decades now, I have lived with the music of U2 as a near constant companion on my journey as a believer.  Unlike most of the other popular “Christian” bands that have come and gone, the music of … Continue reading

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Music for Lent (Lent Day #2)

During Lent, as part of our meditation and prayer, I have selected music that is fitting for this somber season. Our car, home and time in coffee shops are filled with haunting laments and cries. Here is one song that … Continue reading

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Death for Life (Lent Day #1)

I have been struggling somewhat with my lungs for a few years now, and my symptoms, while not severely acute, are continually present. They remind me of my diminishing capacity to exhale. Needless to say, there are moments when fear … Continue reading

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