Harvest Christian Academy Loses a Third Employee

There's Nothing To See HereEarlier this morning, Bloodstained Ink released an article in which the authors reported on the news of Amy McCaulley’s resignation from Harvest Christian Academy.  After the story was released, we learned that another HCA employee had  unsurprisingly tendered their resignation earlier this week. 

As you may recall, in the aftermath of the Roy McCaulley camp discussion, Mary Martin, the former Principal of the HCA upper school and most recently a middle school English teacher, came to our attention when she posted a message of support for the McCaulley on her Facebook wall and began to follow the “We Love Mr. McCaulley” twitter account.  In our original post on Roy McCaulley, we advised our readers to keep a close watch on the relationship between Harvest Bible Chapel, Amy McCaulley and Mary Martin.  So this news of Martin’s resignation is not terribly surprising, even though it is still ultimately saddening for those who appreciate the work that she performed at HCA.

So to recap, after a man asked a question about the efficacy of church camp, he was dismissed from his position.  His wife, who played a deeply influential role in the lower school, tendered her resignation.  And now, the former Principal of the Upper School has followed suit.

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7 Responses to Harvest Christian Academy Loses a Third Employee

  1. freegracefull says:

    Let the bodies hit the floor…

  2. monax says:

    i’m reading along in the background

    thanks for being my eyes on Harvest Bible Chapel

    my suspicion is this “church” is truly a House of Bondage

    and now they want to franchise these Houses of Bondage to the four corners of the earth, as well as my own back yard

  3. Steve Smith says:

    The begining of the end…

  4. Alan Moore says:

    “Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should deny it.”

  5. Abuse disguised as authority is rampant in the church and the school. It’s pitiful that many staff members and families who decided to leave HCA have never shared why. In an attempt to be “innocent as doves”, they have lost sight of why Jesus called us to be “wise as serpents” (Matt. 10:16). They have unwittingly been complicit in helping to perpetuate poor academic standards, spiritual abuse, unwise stewardship of resources and more, by remaining silent regarding what they have experienced there. McCaulleys and Mary Martin are to be applauded, but others need to break the silence.

    • Kristen Mallett says:

      I am someone who left HBC (10yr attendee) and pulled my child out of 1st grade at HCA this past November. We told our friends and most just regurgitated James’ excuses and many wouldn’t even think of entertaining the website TED. They were told a disgruntled employee wrote it out of anger and contempt for the church. This was not true. We were asked to “be smart” when deciding on leaving. HCA has a policy that if you withdraw your student you must have an exit meeting of sorts. We were never asked to meet nor were we asked why we were leaving. One of my “friends” (on staff at HCA) even cried when I told her we were leaving stating that my marriage would be in serious trouble if we left (we were struggling at time) and she had witnessed marriages crumble after leaving HBC. I was appalled. Christ was with us whether there or not. He restored our marriage as we chose to follow the Holy Spirit and leave the toxic environment we were in. So, we tried to share this but were met with a lot of people not wanting to fathom what IS really behind the curtain. Also note, could be coincidence, the leader of HCA’s wife is the Director of the summer camp.

      • Kristen Mallett says:

        Quickly, I am referring to High Five. Not sure who is charge of other camps. This is a week long summer day camp on site.

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