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Schleiermacher Loves Church Camp

Freidrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834) is not exactly a household name to evangelicals, but the progeny of his ideas are well-known and loathed by evangelicals. Schleiermacher is generally reputed to be the father of Modern (Liberal) Theology. But what makes evangelical repudiation … Continue reading

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On Courtesy and Power

“Courtesy forbids direct speech.  There is a great deal to be said for courtesy, but like any virtue isolated from other virtues, it can become distorted.  In particular, courtesy can become an extraordinary subtle form of manipulation favoring those in … Continue reading

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“My Resignation” – The Unofficial First Draft

Earlier this week, Blood Stained Ink received an email from the now former personal secretary to James MacDonald, Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel.  As per her own testimony to us, she has decided to resign from her position, no … Continue reading

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Prayers for the Journey: “On Theodicy”

Having lived and walked amongst evangelicals for the better part of 20 years now and having identified myself as one of their number, I have come to this disturbing conclusion: as a people, we do not know how to pray. 

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The 50 “Greatest” Apocalyptic and Dystopian Films of All Time (#10-1)

Today, at Blood Stained Ink, we continue our exploration on the nature of humanity, particularly as we see ourselves through the unique lens of films that look into the future.  To date, the series includes the following posts:

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