Christian Culture: Balancing Grace with Truth in the Post-Eden World

Gay Marriage Hospital copyIn a past post entitled ‘Culture Wars, Homophobic Chickens and a Net Loss of Yards‘, I posited that the evangelical community missed an opportunity to effectively demonstrate the balance of love & grace with biblical truth (relative to the Chic fil A ‘homophobic chicken sandwich’ media coverage from September of 2012).  In this post, I tried (perhaps ineffectively) to suggest that the evangelical community falters in demonstrating the message of the gospel in that: (a) We did not really listen to others, (b) We lost our priorities, (c) We did not demonstrate grace and love.

Just this morning, a friend sent me the following email:

Dear Greg,

We can protest injustices like this until the cows come home – but these nightmares will not end until there’s a guarantee of civil marriage to everyone. A civil union, power-of-attorney, institutional policy, and presidential executive order weren’t enough.

Please take a moment to read this link; it’s describes a scenario where one is disallowed hospital visitation, and ultimately ended in a restraining order.

So the narrative continues…  We fallen humans have created a mess out of things, and I continue to pray for wisdom relative to the balance of grace and truth in our fallen scenarios.  Post-Eden humanity creates our own situations where we have stray from God’s plan (e.g., slavery, divorce, pornography, homosexuality, addictions to sin), and through these choices, we opt out of many of God’s blessings for our lives by refusing to submit to His Will and Truth.  And in doing so, we have corporately opted for the consequences of our (self-cursing), at least to a very real extent.  Insert any sin you want, the fundamentals of this process seem to transcend situation.  And they apply to each and every one of us.  Interestingly, we all ask for grace relative to ourselves, and truth relative to others.

And in these scenarios in which we ultimately curse ourselves, where is the balance?  Or should a scenario based on leaving the will of God strike no balance at all?  David fled Saul, believing that Gath was the better option; and despite this error in judgement, God stood faithfully with David.  (This may not be a relevant example, but it’s one that readily came to mind.)  In any event, our culture faces homosexual unions that are being treated unfairly–by any reasonable perspective. 

So what sayeth you? What is the role of the evangelical church relative to the human rights of a social minority that has chosen to stray form the will of God?  Can we maintain biblical truth and oppose gay marriage, only to support equality in “civil unions”?  Or is that a semantic rationalization, in which we are trying to sit on the throne of the Almighty by finding loopholes to ease our cognitive dissonance.  How can we effectively balance grace with truth, relative to the great commission, in post-Eden scenarios such as this?


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