Former Worship Leader at Harvest Bible Chapel Speaks Out

Update 7 Feb 2013Yesterday afternoon, another member of The Void contacted The Elephant’s Debt and requested to have his statement put up on the site.

Over the past few weeks, James MacDonald and the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel have made several public statements regarding MacDonald’s plan to seek reconciliation with certain select (and unnamed) members of “The Void.”  In keeping with this pattern of behavior, James MacDonald recently used his sermon on the seventh chapter of John to suggest that he was making progress towards reconciling with at least one unnamed individual, who had refused to meet with him last year.  Yesterday afternoon, Josh Caterer submitted a statement to The Elephant’s Debt asking that it be published under his name.  In this statement, Caterer makes it clear that he is not the unnamed individual to whom MacDonald was referring in his sermond.  To read more about what Caterer had to say, please follow this link to “Your Story.”

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