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Keep calm and drink coffeeSaturday, 19 January 2013

We present to you another week of our most interesting blog reading. As always the views of these posts are not necessarily the views of BSI, but they are sure going to get you either thinking, talking or mad, possibly all three. Remember, keep calm and enjoy some links and joe.


4 ViewsThere is a significant amount of academic literature regarding the imminent or realized collapse of Evangelicalism. And authors differ as to whether the movement can be save, should be saved or will be saved. Part of what lies beneath this debate is the difficulty in defining what we mean by the term Evangelical. Roger Olson gives a brief outline of the issues in non-technical language, so are you an Evangelical? BTW, there is a recently published book from the 4 Views Series that explores the ranges of meaning of the term Evangelical titled Four Views on The Spectrum of Evangelicalism. This series of books is known for delivering quality introductions to complex theological topics by respected academics, and I don’t find them usually to be overly technical in their language.


bible-languages-600-225x225Does a woman who has been divorced live in a perpetual state of adultery? Unfortunately, many translations of Matthew 5:32 would leave us to believe that this is the case. Here, in an article discussing the new 2011 translation of the NIV, Craig Blomberg offers a nice discussion on how the NIV has attempted to correct this misunderstanding through fresh interpretation of the original Greek. As Blomberg says at the conclusion of the article: “Never let anyone convince you there can’t continue to be advances in our understanding of the meaning of words and expressions in the original languages of the biblical text!”

And finally, the latest thoughts from the Philosoraptor …


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