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Keep calm and drink coffeeSaturday, 12 January 2013

We present to you another week of our most interesting blog reading. As always the views of these posts are not necessarily the views of BSI, but they are sure going to get you either thinking, talking or mad, possibly all three. Remember, keep calm and enjoy some links and joe. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

cs-lewisIn 1955, Carl Henry wrote a letter to C.S. Lewis asking him to contribute an article to the very first issue of Christianity Today. For reasons that are as timely now as they were in his own day, Lewis declined. … Read more at “Why C.S. Lewis Didn’t Write for Christianity Today.”


tiamatbattleenumaelishOver at the Internet Monk, Chaplin Mike is taking a look at the Torah all this month. He gives a spectacular lay of the land in The Big Picture of the Torah. So much of current studies on the book of Genesis involve comparing it to the literature of the other Ancient Near Eastern cultures to provide a broad context for understanding what Genesis is really saying. If you want to study Shakespeare you would completely misread him if you situated his texts among the 20th century, American postmodernist Vonnegut, so you would have to study Shakespeare along side of Geoffrey Chaucer. So it is with Genesis, and in The Backstories of the First Testament you get a very short introduction to this project of literary comparison. In Listen Up, People! Our God Reigns you get a very common, contemporary English rendition of the meaning of Genesis 1 when interpreted along side of the other ANE creation stories; it is an easy and encouraging read.


IMG_9989For the last few weeks, I have been hearing great things about Aaron Niequist’s latest neo-liturgy. Now, over at, Steven Proctor has brought us a 26 minute video of the worship service, complete with audio and visual elements. Having now watched it through, I cannot say enough about it. If you are looking for a great time of devotion this week, might I suggest you check this out.


old-illustration-of-building-collapse-in-marseille-france-created-by-crapelet-published-on-l-illustrOnce again, over at Internet Monk, we find another valuable discussion. In a piece called Saving Evangelicalism, Jeff Dunn offers five timely suggestions as how the Evangelical Church can pull itself itself out of the mire of its own making. These are not easy words spoken by Dunn, but they are well worth your attention.



What did Paul really say, or how to rightly read Romans.


And lastly, some wisdom from our old friend, the Philosoraptor …


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