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Keep calm and drink coffeeSunday, 6 January 2013

Here are some links to various blog posts we found on the net this week.  While we may not endorse every idea espoused in them, we enjoyed reading them, and found them to be thought provoking.  So sit back, relax and enjoy some links and your favorite cup o’ joe this morning.


father_dwightI am trying to stretch outside of my tribe this year when it comes to reading books and blogs, so with that goal in mind I am going to be checking in on Father Longenecker’s blog called Standing on My Head.  This week I discovered two posts exploring the relationship between the gospels and the genre of myth.  In the first post he asks, “Are the Gospels Myth?”  And in the second post he argues how the Gospels function as myth in this piece titled Gospel Stories, Myths and Legends.


hebrew-scripture-1-1One of my favorite blogs Internet Monk is running a series of posts this month on the First Testament.  He starts things out with a bang with this post titled The Purpose of the First Testament.


Atheism-2-Black-on-WhiteSpeaking of reading outside my tribe, here’s a piece from the atheist channel at Patheos.  The main issue I have with this article is its lack of definition of knowledge.  Depending upon what the author means by knowledge it is possible for a Christian to be a theistic agnostic, but it all depends upon how you are defining the terms.  Distinguishing The Atheist Agnostic, The Theist Gnostic, The Atheist Gnostic, and The Theist Agnostic.  


greedy capitalist_1Capitalism is an awful and retched economic system, but it beats the other options presently on the table.  The problem with Evangelicalism’s synchronistic  entanglement with the dominate culture is not that they embrace capitalism over other systems, but the problem is they allow the worldview, metanarrative and symbols of capitalism to dominate their imaginations and how their spiritual communities function . . . so argues Roger Olson.

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  1. For those that are intrigued by Olsen’s contention that Evangelicals live as “secularists,” might I suggest The Way of the Modern World: Or Why It’s Tempting to Live as if God Doesn’t Exist by Craig M. Gay.

  2. Dwight Longenecker says:

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m trying to get some interest in my new book from Evangelical writers, bloggers and readers. Could I send you a review copy? If you’d like one, please send me your postal address by email: Many thanks, and God bless you!

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