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Prayer and the Problem of Evil

Earlier this week, Ryan Mahoney raised the question: Does God move when we pray?  And although he has sought (and will continue to seek) to limit the discussion strictly to the question of prayer, I found myself thinking about a … Continue reading

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Does God Move When We Pray? A Classical Theistic Response.

If God is impassible and immutable, as classic, Christian theism asserts,  then what is happening when we pray?  How can God be unmoved and unchangeable and still enter into the relational exchange of prayer?

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Breakfast with the Bishop: N.T. Wright on Worship Music

In this brief, two-minute video, the highly regarded churchman N.T. Wright challenges the writers of contemporary worship music to elevate their craft.  And if Wright is correct, what might a more well-rounded worship music look like?

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Does God Move When We Pray?

Christians have long believed that God is immutable, meaning he cannot change, and Christians have long believed that God is impassible, meaning he cannot suffer, empathize or feel in response to creation.  If that is true then does God move … Continue reading

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