Harvest Bible Chapel … The Debt … The Salary … The Power … The 5G Campaign … The Hope

Over the past few months, Ryan Mahoney and I have spent a great deal of time researching and writing on the subject of James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel.  During that season, many of you have asked us why we write on this subject.  Tonight, we are prepared to offer you part of our story.  For some of you, this may be painful to read; and it may bring up feelings of anger, resentment, or even doubt.  For others, our story may offer you a sense of release – a sense of finally being able to put a finger on the unease many of you have expressed.  For us, we offer this with mixed emotions, many of which are too personal and complicated to fully explain.  But it should not go without mentioning that in the lectionary reading of October 6th, we find two passages (Psalm 92:1-5 and 2 Samuel 1:1a, 17-19; 23-27) that bring us comfort even as they bring us a measure of sadness and lament.  So without further comment, we offer you The Elephants Debt.


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