Over the past few months, the two primary authors of this website have been working together on a project that may be of some interest to the readers of this site.  Baring any unforeseen issues that may arise, this project will be released to the public in very short order.  Stay tuned for more information.

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11 Responses to Announcement

  1. Mary DeVries Yager says:


  2. Kevin W. says:

    Looking forward to it. You guys are a great help.

  3. Z. B. says:

    Let me guess… more Harvest / James bashing?

    • no ax says:

      Do you mean a forum for discussion of topics that are of great interest to the members of Harvest Bible Chapel? How lovely!

      • Z. B. says:

        No, I mean more vain babblings by former Harvest members for former Harvest members. Tired!

        • Harvest RM says:

          If you are not interested in reading what is written here, then just don’t open this website.

        • Rom623Rom828 says:

          Some of us here still attend Harvest with hope, prayer, and patience that the Harvest elders will eventually take the appropriate action in dealing with matters that this and other blogs have brought up.

        • Zig says:

          Z.B. Thats a sad attitude about a serious issue. Harvest is way off track and until the issues driving the train are brought forward and dealt with, many people are being damaged, misled and hurt in various ways.

  4. jane says:

    I’m praying for wisdom for you guys.

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