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Former “Flock Leaders” Speak on The Elephant’s Debt

Former “Flock Leaders” (1997-2006) have submitted a 7-page story documenting their many and varied attempts to address the problems at HBC as far back as 2005.  The story can be found by accessing the latest update at The Elephant’s Debt.

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Harvest Bible Chapel: MacDonald Addresses The Elephant’s Debt

At the Saturday night service and the two Sunday services, MacDonald read a prepared statement after the message.  Please click here for updates to The Elephant’s Debt regarding his comments.

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Harvest Bible Chapel … The Debt … The Salary … The Power … The 5G Campaign … The Hope

Over the past few months, Ryan Mahoney and I have spent a great deal of time researching and writing on the subject of James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel.  During that season, many of you have asked us why we … Continue reading

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Coming Soon …

Earlier this week, Blood Stained Ink announced a new project that may be of great interest to many readers of this site.  This endeavor, which represents months of labor on the part of the two primary authors, will culminate with … Continue reading

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Contextual Theology: Before there was a Christian Canon, there was a Church

It has often been said that great heresy produces great theology; and in the case of Marcion of Sinope (ca. 85-160 A.D.), the old adage has once again proven to be true.  Early on in the second century A.D., Marcion … Continue reading

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Still Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For (Part II)

In our continued quest to help answer the question some of you have been asking publicly and privately, I thought I’d share an easy to use resource for developing a list of potential church homes in your area.

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Still Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For

“I wish I could find a small but faithful church to attend.  I’d leave the HBF [Harvest Bible Fellowship] in a flash. So tired of being marketed to as if I were a consumer and the church was Madison Ave.” … Continue reading

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