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Contextual Theology: The Didache and the Fight for Life

Last Wednesday, Ryan Mahoney introduced the readers of this blog to a new series we are running, entitled Contextual Theology. In short, this series is driven by our desire to see Evangelicals re-root themselves in the Great Tradition of the … Continue reading

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Mumford and Sons: Babel

For many fans of music that have grown weary of the auto-tuned tedium of the current pop scene, the unexpected rise of Mumford and Sons has come as a much-needed and welcome breath of fresh air.  Bursting onto the scene … Continue reading

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Contextual Theology: Why We Study Ancient Theology

Should we baptize infants or restrict baptism to adult, confessing believers?  Should we use hymns or contemporary songs?  Should we use choirs or rock bands?  Should we be memorial or more sacramental in our Eucharistic practice?  Should we think and … Continue reading

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Do We Shove the Gospel Down their Throats, One Loving Chunk at a Time?

Today’s reading comes from John Howard Yoder, an American Mennonite theologian and professor who passed away almost 15 years ago.  If that doesn’t keep you reading, perhaps this cheeky demonstration of chutzpah will.  On the eve of defending his doctoral … Continue reading

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The Scandal of Evangelical Politics: Missional Politics

We have been discussing the need for evangelicals to develop an evangelical, political philosophy in this series of posts.  Previously, we discussed the problem of present evangelical engagement with the political culture and the need for a coherent vision for … Continue reading

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Understanding Worldviews: Or Why You are More than Just a “Liberal” or a “Conservative”

As a teacher charged with the task of helping students learn how to construct and deconstruct arguments, I often begin the year by asking my students to articulate their own personal worldview.  Why is there something rather than nothing?  How … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Language: Or Why I Wish Republicans Would Stop Talking About “God”

Over these past few days, much ink has been spilled on the subject of the Democratic party’s eleventh hour decision to include the word “god” in their official platform. But in case you haven’t been paying attention, let me bring … Continue reading

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