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“If the church is identified with the Establishment in the minds of young people – in the minds of those who will come forth to be men and women in the next 20 years – I believe the church is finished.”

Francis Schaeffer, The Church at the End of the 20th Century (1970), p. 82.

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  1. Given the publication date on this quote, I found this to be eerily prophetic. Without question, Dave Kinneman’s findings in UnChristian suggest that Schaeffer was not all that off in his concerns. Moreover, the impulse that seems to be underlying much of what has happened in the emergent church also seems to testify to the validity of the concern.

  2. Where did you dig that up?

    • At one point, I had a beat-up copy of a few Schaeffer texts that I had rescued from a booksale. When I read them, I jotted down a few of my favorite quotes in an ongoing quote document that I keep filed by subject.

  3. Mary DeVries Yager says:

    Hey Scott – you quoted from UnChristian. I got to meet the author last year and he autographed my copy. You really ought to get into a college to teach. There are perks. Pay is not one of them.

  4. popesicle says:

    An excellent quote, but I’d like to point out something: Millenials tend to be much more respectful of authority, as opposed to youth counterculture of the past decades. I say that not of my own experience as a youth, but rather what I’ve heard and read of studies concerning Millenials.

    That said, this quote definitely still stands, the American church is totally the establishment.

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