The Sunday Seven

March 25th, 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of “The Sunday Seven.”  As always, this post is all about sharing some of the more interesting news and insights that I have encountered throughout the week, as well as a little humor meant to lighten your day.  Hopefully, as you scan the links, you’ll find a little something here that will peak your interest and give you pause to think.   Enjoy!

When America’s Ally becomes the Persecutors of the Church …

Saudi Official Calls for Destruction of all Churches.  This article is a perfect illustration of the problems that arise when we suggest that America is a “Christian nation.”  Saudi Arabia is one of America’s strongest allies in the Mideast, and yet it seeks to eradicate the church.  So on which side do conservative evangelical Americans stand?

Signs of Growing in the Faith or the First Step Towards Leaving it …

The Idolatry of a Nation.  An unexpected question by McKnight gives one pause to consider whether the resurgence of interest in social justice is a sign of faith or doubt.

Further Evidence of Europe’s Move towards Secularism …

British Government denies Christians Right to Wear a Cross to Work.  As Europe continues its move towards humanistic secularism, Christians come under fire for wearing religious imagery that is not “required” by their faith.

The Things that Make us Doubt and the Things that Make Us Come Home …

15 Reasons I Left the Church and 15 Reasons I Returned to the Church.  An honest and insightful list of reasons that Rachel Held Evans left the church when she was 27 years of age only to return three years later.

The Way Things Ought to Be …

Atheist Activists with Failing Vision Aided by Christians.  A great reminder that our “praxis” or “actions” matter every bit as much as our “doctrine” or “theology.”

Penguins on a Airplane …

Penguins on an Airplane.  Just not something you see every day.

More Philsophical Ponderings from the Master of Musings …

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2 Responses to The Sunday Seven

  1. mrenlow says:

    Is “humanistic secularism” different from “secular humanism”?

    • Hey Matt … “Humanism” actually has its roots in positivistic Christian theology. In a lot ways, the early Christian humanists believed that they could build the just society here on earth. So when I say “humanistic secularism,” it refers to a brand of secularism that is distinctly utopianisitic in its outlook. So this would differ from “nihilistic secularism,” for instance. In other words, not all secularisms are hopeful/utopian in their outlook.

      By contrast, “secular humanism” refers to the secularists that believe in the principles of Christian humanism, but they want to “build the Kingdom” without God. This belief, of course, is maintained by any number of secularist political ideologies, ranging from Marxism to Democracy.

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