The Sunday Seven

March 18, 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of “The Sunday Seven.”  As always, this post is all about sharing some of the more interesting news and insights that I have encountered throughout the week, as well as a little humor to lighten your day.  Hopefully, there’s a little something here that will peak your interest and give you pause to think.   Enjoy!

Questions without Answers?

The power of questions in the sharing of the gospel.  In this new series found on Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed, Andrew Wilson explores the role of questions in a post-Christian culture.  Could be an interesting discussion to follow.

Best discussion yet on the Kony 2012 campaign …

Is Kony 2012 Good or Bad?  As is ususally the case, Rachel Held Evans brings her usual light touch to a sensitive topic, offering insights that are worthy of your consideration.  Hands down, the most balanced presentation I’ve seen on this issue.

How Should One Read Scripture?

An Evangelical and Critical Approach to Scripture.   A wise and timely piece on the need to read Scripture through the eyes of “critical faith.”

Here’s a Little Something to Tick Off Everybody …

Abortion: The Democrat’s “Muslim Obama.”  From J.D. Kirk’s “Storied Theology” blog, this will push buttons on both the left and the right, which is often, if not always, a sign of good thinking.

A Brave Piece on Human Sexuality and Spirituality …

Talk About Sex.  Again, from J.D. Kirk’s “Storied Theology” blog.  Even as I read the article, I find myself wanting to say, “But, but, but …”  And by the time I got to the end, I realized that my “buts” were exactly the point he was trying to make.

A Great Piece of Christian Satire …

Jesus Holds a Business Meeting.  Kinda painful if this describes your church (which it probably does!).  Credit to Ryan Mahoney for finding this.

Mathematical musings from our favorite Raptor …

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2 Responses to The Sunday Seven

  1. Josh The Younger says:

    “How Should One Read Scripture” – I thought it was a very interesting (if somewhat lengthy) article. While I will always take the literal and/or “orthodox” interpretation of scripture on faith unless I feel completely convinced otherwise, I think Christians should keep in mind that while scripture is inerrant, our interpretation of scripture is often riddled with errors, omissions and misunderstandings (see Galileo). We are all human, after all. 😉

    Satire – Wow! That was hilarious! Not sure how fair all the generalizations were, but hey, it’s a satire, right?… “…Nathaniel? Was your hat on backward when we started this conversation?” “The name’s Nate, yo!” So awesome. Thank you Mr. Mahoney! 😀

    Philosoraptor – …Need I speak?

  2. mrenlow says:

    Re: “The Power of Questions”… As a math teacher, I am well aware of the importance of asking good questions, and it is something I am always trying to become better at. A BU mathematics professor I’ve been fortunate to work with on and off over the past five years is fond of saying that “The best questions are the ones that lead us to even more questions.” (Which, incidentally, is a pretty hard sell to high-schoolers.)

    All this to say, it’s nice to hear that those in other disciplines are discovering the value of good questions as well! Looking forward to reading more in McKnight’s series.

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