“Don’t Re-Nig”: A New Low for a New Political Age

If this is what passes for acceptable within certain circles, I wonder if we haven’t crossed some sort of threshold in terms of our ability to engage in civil discourse.  Between this and the Bill Maher/Rush Limbaugh “hate speech” flare-up, I really do wonder …

My apologies for the poor quality of the image.  This was the best I could find on the net, and it was stamped with a watermark.  For the impatient among you, the bumper sticker reads as follows:

“Don’t Re-Nig in 2012.  Stop repeat offenders.  Don’t reelect Obama!” 



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3 Responses to “Don’t Re-Nig”: A New Low for a New Political Age

  1. Josh The Younger says:

    Sadly, Mr. Bryant, I think we’ve been across that threshold for a long time.

  2. mrenlow says:

    This just looks like something some ignorant fool (perhaps going by “Grandpa Stumpy”) cobbled together and put on CafePress or something. As such, it doesn’t cause me utter despair. There will always be ignorant fools among us. If, on the other hand, it was manufactured by an organization of some sort, and/or it has actually appeared on someone’s car, well, that would be another matter.

    It IS amazing to me, though, that the very technology that makes it actually POSSIBLE to have “national conversations” about important matters has merely caused us to huddle into our respective echo chambers.

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