Dying to Bring You the News

I know almost nothing about her, save for the few sketchy details that have emerged in the aftermath of her death.  I know that she was a Yale graduate in her fifties and that she had been married three times over the course of her life.  I know that shrapnel took her left eye in 2001, but that it didn’t deter her from going right back into war zones of this world.  I know that she was a journalist, working in places like the Balkans, Chechnya, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Syria.  And I know that she died as a willful witness to the very worst elements of humanity.

Today, I honor Marie Colvin, veteran war correspondent for the Sunday Times.  History may never recall her as one who changed the world, but I, for one, will always be grateful that there are people like her who are willing “to speak the truth to power” – people willing to “send home the first rough draft of history.”

Goodbye Ms. Colvin.

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