Becoming a “god” … Need a Roadmap? … (part 6)

So are you starting to wonder where this discussion goes and what this means for evangelicals?  Well let me tell you just a little bit about where we’re going.  I’m not often one for giving my readers or my listening audience a road map, but in this case, it seems like you’ve earned it.  Besides, when something goes on for this long, you kind of need to know that they journey has a destination.

Post 7:  This post is going to lay out significant Protestant theologians and pastors that have subscribed to some version of theosis or deification.  This is probably going to be the post that blows a fuse in your mind, because you’re going to wonder: “Why haven’t I heard about this?”

Post 8:  This is likely going to be the hardest post for you to grasp.  It will be the most technical, and yet, I would argue that it will be one of the most important in the series.  Because if you get theosis or deification wrong, you end up in some really bad places.

Post 9:  This is the big “so what?” post.  If you’re wondering what all of this means and how it might actually change how you live your life, this is the post for you.

Post 10:  The post will close out the series by asking one really significant question that will challenge you to re-think the need for theology.

So that’s it, friends.  Four more posts to go after this one.  Hope you’re enjoying the series; and I hope you find yourself thinking about God, creation, salvation and a host of other topics in ways that are simultaneously surprising and enriching at the same time.

As for those of you who are just now tuning in, here’s a few critical posts that will help you catch up with the conversation:

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2 Responses to Becoming a “god” … Need a Roadmap? … (part 6)

  1. Doanh Ogle says:

    Have you written posts 8, 9, and 10 already? If so, how can I access them? Thank you for your posts on theosis. I’ve read parts 1-7 and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    • I am very sorry to say that I have not written any more on the subject of theosis. As you can see, this is a very small blog, which deals with a wide array of issues surrounding the subject of culture and theology. Unfortunately, at the time that I was writing that series, I got unexpectedly waylaid by other matters; and I never got around to finishing the series up. My apologies.

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