Becoming a “god” … and the Great Bill Murray! … (part 3)

The following clip in no way advances the conversation at hand!  Nevertheless, as a lover of pop culture, all this talk about theosis and deification has me remembering with great fondness this old clip from Ghostbusters.  I particularly love Venkman’s reaction to Stantz’s feeble attempt to handle the situation and Zeddmore’s closing comment.    Enjoy!


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7 Responses to Becoming a “god” … and the Great Bill Murray! … (part 3)

  1. Bob Bryant says:

    Its all so clear now. All the mysteries locked up in a 80’s cult classic! Giving my brain a rest before reading your next post. Need sleep.

  2. Better is his cafe conversation in Groundhog Day. “I am god…well, not the God, but i am a god.”

  3. Aaron Hoffman says:

    Now that’s funny right there!

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