Democracy in Action …

This morning, two images appeared at the top of the newsfeed.  Has me wondering: is this Egypt in 50 years or the United States in 50 years?

Crowds swarming in Egypt for the right to be politically free.

Crowds swarming in the United States for the right to find a "great deal."

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3 Responses to Democracy in Action …

  1. Bob Bryant says:

    I actually went to my first black friday event last night from 12:00 till 3:30. I hit Target and Walmart and there were probably about 2000 people in line at Target. It was interesting. Never been in a store with that many people in it before. It felt like being at a rock concert really. Funny thing was, I was there just to observe, had no clue what the deals were, but in the American consumerism spirit, I spent money.

  2. Josh The Younger says:

    Scary question Mr. B. I’m inclined to be a pessimist in theory and an optimist in practice when it comes to politics. Something tells me that instantaneous protest movements like OWS are becoming the new “thing”, especially for my social-network-connected generation. But at the same time, after spending nearly a half a year in American studies studying the 1960s, I realize that what we’re experiencing now is not nearly as bad as it was back then. The question is, will it become that bad? I just don’t know.

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