Why Ted Cruz Helps Us Understand Jesus Doesn’t Hate Jews

Texas Attorney General And Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott Attends Election Night Election Rally

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The Shema: A Call to Love God with Your Mind

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A Plea to the Church in America

White Crucifix

Through all the noise, confusion, opinions and fear, hear the voice of your Rabbi teaching you what it means to follow Torah.



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A Prayer for the Stranger (On Fear, Love and the Island of Lesbos)

lesbos-kos_3432066bThis morning, as we come before the cross – as we come to once again consider the bread and the wine, the body, the blood – we come with the awareness that a chaotic, surging wave of people is breaking across the shores of Europe. We come with the understanding that every day 5000 more refugees from places like Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan wash up on the broken and battered beaches of Greece. We come in awe before the face of a migratory movement that is larger than any that we have seen since the dawn of the Second World War. And we come with questions, with prejudices, with fear. Continue reading

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How to Kill the D.N.C. with One, Simple Shot to the Heart: A Dialogue Between Jim Jordan, Amy Dacey, and Moses Maimonides.


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Donald Trump: The Good Christian Candidate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares

This morning as I sipped my coffee, continuously reminding my son to keep eating his breakfast so as to not be late for school, I saw a clip on CNN of Donald Trump. He was giving a speech in Iowa to Republicans – in Iowa that largely means Evangelicals. What he said just infuriated me. He said, “I’m a good Christian,” but this hacked me off for reasons other than you might suspect. Continue reading

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On Black and White Economic Discrepancies

Divided By Faith (sepia w: gold border)As we all continue to try to make sense of the racially polarized conversation that is developing in our culture, I am finding my reading of Emerson and Smith’s Divided By Faith¬†to be helpful.¬† In particular, I found the excerpt below to be particularly telling in terms of what we consider to be just in terms of economic opportunities.

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